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14 December 2017


The first cross-platform decentralized service Callback+ announces the Pre-Sale of СВР tokens. You should hurry, because the promotion is already in progress and will last only until January, 3 next year.

It will be recalled that Service provide investors of the Callback+ with the unique opportunities:
- cheap international communication (95% lower than usual mobile communication);
- privacy of communication;
- limited number of users with access to advanced functionality.

At the same time, another advantage of the Service is that CBP tokens are secured by the services. You can spend Token for platform services right now.
It is also important to know that Callback+ is already an operating business with an active functionality. You can evaluate its benefits right now! Finally, the Service is absolutely cross-platform, has activated applications for IOS, own Telеgram – bot and a convenient web-application: https://callback.plus
The main thing that you get when investing in tghe Service at the time of Pre-Sale is LIFE FREE communication! Have you dreamed about this? Dreams come true! All that you need is to buy 30 СВР and keep them on your deposit for the time of Pre-Sale, and you will never run out of money on the phone.
And this is only one, the main advantage of Callback+ investors in the last month of the year. There are more of them, and they are also interesting. Come on in: https://ico.callback.plus/

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