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International calls at reasonable price
and calls in roaming
without internet



What is CALLBACK+?

I. Decentralized cross-platform virtual service for making calls, which reduces cost of the call from one part of the world to another by 95%*.

II. Advanced functions provide additional convenience for conversation, telephone anonymizer, encryption, communication line routing, virtual switch centre, and other options for business and individuals.

III. Investor's wallet is management of your own financial assets (control over finances, replenishment of account, exchange and transfer of funds).

Callback+ limits the advanced functions and does not support ID change of emergency calls, calls to law enforcement and government agencies.

Telephone number base of emergency services, law enforcement and government agencies is constantly updated and complemented.

How Callback+ works?

I.The subscriber arranges a call. There is an opportunity to arrange a call whether there is Internet or not (for example, in roaming).

II.CALLBACK+ service automatically calls back, connecting subscribers according to the previously selected additional settings.

III.The call is considered as incoming for both subscribers.

Why do you need to sign in?

I. Each registered person is awarded a welcoming balance (0.5$)

II. Common personal area (access from various devices, cross-platform function), call history, fast numbers.

III. Access to advanced functional settings and various privacy levels (available after the advanced functionality is activated).

IV. Managing financial assets in the investor's wallet.

How to sign in and log in?

I. Specify your mobile phone number in the international "+" format. This number will be your main login for entering the subscriber's personal area from any of the platforms you use. Use it for password recovery.

II. Log in using the password sent to you by SMS.

Registered user can only arrange calls. Advanced functions with additional options are available only after purchasing token.

What are the advanced functions?

Advanced functions are the additional opportunities for easy communication and they include:

    IV. Virtual Telecommunication Service (VTS):
  • Switching Centre
  • Who called
  • Free internal number under development
  • Monitoring of calls under development
  • IVR (interactive voice response) under development
  • Calls schedulling under development
  • Conversation recording under development
How to activate advanced functions?
Cross-platform function

All functionality is available through: web browser, call, sms, iOS and Android applications, bot in Telegram messenger, (Viber is under development).

Как пополнить счет?
<p>Доступно для пополнение баланса:<br /> &mdash; платежная система Platron (банковские карты, моб.операторы, qiwi и т.д.);<br /> &mdash; Apple In App Purchase;<br /> &mdash; карта CallBack+</p>
How to arrange a call?
    You can arrange a call in several ways:
  • Dial the number on the keyboard in the application.
  • Select a number from the contact list.
  • Select a number from the recent calls history.

If there is no Internet, the call will be automatically arranged by sending SMS with all the settings saved.

How to receive calls?

All calls automatically come to your main number.

— You can add an additional number for convenience and economy (for example, the local SIM-card number). In this case, all arranged calls will come to this number.

— Or you can rent a direct number.

How to add an additional number?

You do not need to be dependant on the phone or your SIM-card, leave them at home, your number is always with you on any device anywhere in the world.

You can add an additional number in the "Receiving calls" by dialling a number on the keyboard, or by selecting a number from the contact list or from the history of changing additional numbers.

You can forward incoming calls to this number or use it for direct calls to you.

ID / direct number renting

You do not need to be dependant on the phone or your SIM-card, leave them at home, your number is always with you on any device anywhere in the world.

The subscriber can rent telephone ID / direct numbers in 50 countries of the world. To activate the function you need to: select the direct number from the available ones, set forwarding service for the selected ID on your telephone, all incoming calls will be received to the rented number and run in accordance to your settings.

Example: while being in roaming, the subscriber rents an ID from his region of residence or at his choice.

What is subscriber's ID/change of the transmitted number

By default, your main number / subscriber's ID will be transmitted to the subscriber you call.

If the advanced functions are activated, the user can change the transmitted number to another ID (in the international "+" standard).

To do this, you need to specify the desired number, use the available one from the contact book or select from the history of outgoing ID

What is call privacy and how does it work?

Advanced Callback+ functions provide you with multilevel privacy. The record of your incoming and outgoing calls will show that you are a person of the world. It will look like you are telephoned from different countries and travelling around the world with unreal speed. Each call is a new country, new communication line and new number.

You do not need to be dependant on the phone or your SIM-card, leave them at home, your number is always with you on any device anywhere in the world.


The process of random redistribution of communication lines and cell sites (which are randomly selected at each connection).

Random choice of cell sites

With each connection, the communication line and cell site is selected randomly.

Random incoming ID

In the operators' call reports incoming numbers will always be different.

Random outgoing ID

With each call, ID numbers of your country will be transmitted instead of your ID. You should activate international format only for transmitting ID of other countries.

What is background sound?

In the Call privacy section, you can select one of the suggested background sounds, it will be heard during your conversations. When an incoming or outgoing call starts, there will be the sound set in advance. Sounds are constantly updated. Now there are 14 background sounds in the application, they are: car, supermarket, construction site, office, stadium, station, airport, rain, street, restaurant, night club, train, plane, crowd.

Encryption of calls

Beta version already provides encrypted traffic based on the SRTP encryption protocol. When connected, the trunks pass VPN with encryption key of 2048bit to prevent listening and unauthorized access.

No geolocation
PIN-code access

When advanced functions are available, the subscriber can use PIN-code access, which provides access to all options of the service from any phone in any part of the world.

Therefor you need to:
— call the highlighted phone number in the country of your stay
— after the IVR invitation, enter the received PIN-code
— use all settings of your account.

Switching Centre

Freedom of communication and not only. The opportunity to connect economical and lazy, loving and offended, jealous and non-communicant people. Any scripts and options, any ID of the transmitted numbers. Functions allow you to arrange telephone connection between two subscribers of your choice, including random change of ID numbers.

How Switch Centre works

To connect two subscribers, you need to go to the Switch Centre section and enter the following data:

1. Telephone number of Subscriber No.1

2. The transmitted ID of the Subscriber 1 (it is possible to change number of the Subscriber No.1 to any of your choice)

3. Telephone number of Subscriber No.2, who will receive an incoming call

When you cannot call from your usual number, but it is necessary!

Battery of your phone is dead. You need to talk to your friend, but he will pick up the phone only if he sees your phone number. In the Telephone number of Subscriber No.1 field, specify any available phone number. In the ID of subscriber No.1 field, specify your phone number. In the telephone number of Subscriber No.2 field, specify the phone number of your friend. Press the Connect button. Ready! Without using your mobile phone, you can talk to anyone, regardless of your personal phone or SIM card condition.

When you need to connect two dear ones who are in different countries!

Your mother is in Spain, she has no money on her phone. She asks you to connect her with her husband. You need to: in the Telephone number of Subscriber No.1 field, specify your mother's telephone number in Spain and in the ID of the Subscriber No.1 field, specify her real number. In the Telephone number of Subscriber No.2 field, specify telephone number of her husband and press the Connect button. Mother is happy!

Who called

Call identification function. The service displays all publicly available on the Internet information about the owner of the number.

Investor's wallet

To work with CallBack+ inverstor's wallet, you need to provide additional information and undergo KYC/AML procedures.

Investor's wallet allows you to control your own funds, replenish the balance, deposit, exchange and transfer funds, and you can always use it as one of the ways to activate advanced functions buying tokens.

Callback+ service allows you to make purchases in different cryptocurrencies, with online exchange using callback+ tokens or fiat money and make internal transfers of funds between subscribers accounts.

Available for replenishment:
— Payment system Platon (bank cards, mobile operators, qiwi, etc.)
— Apple In App Purchase

Why do you need tokens in the system?

Callback + tokens are used as an internal currency to purchase services with a significant discount.

A certain amount of tokens grants you privileges of advanced functions, more call options, not limited number of transactions by using investor's wallet, priority of technical support and discounts.

Amount of tokens is limited, or inversely proportional to the amount of subscribers with advanced functions and access to the investor's wallet. In other words, if a subscriber purchases more tokens, thereby he reduces the number of privileged users in the system with advanced functions and access to the investor's wallet.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer in the community chats and/or social media .
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